The fun thing about sports graphics is that they need to be able to support any of a dozen+ possible teams– anywhere you're calling out a specific team's name, colour, or imagery, you'll need to be able to support any team.

...so, the challenging thing about sports graphics is that they need to be able to support any of a dozen+ possible teams. You know what helps with being able to swap elements and keep beautiful visuals? Toolkits.

The Toolkit

The toolkit was capable of swapping out the colours on the player equipment and minerals, swapping the team logos on the equipment and have it UV map onto the geometry, and injecting the team name into specifically-styled component comps to be used elsewhere in the package.

Stylized Text

In addition to toolkitting the beautiful CG comp work, this project contained a number of 2d elements with a stylized gold treatment.

The project files we received were hand-crafted for the brand film, but had to be made generic to support any text being entered– while maintaining the type-on animation & styling, resizing to fit.

For this specific shot, the toolkit allowed you to either specify one of the four teams defined in the project or to enter your own text.

Fun fact! This piece was nominated for a 2021 Sports Emmy in the Outstanding Live Graphic Design category.

espn-toolkit-030-before espn-toolkit-030-after