The Toolkit

loyalkaspar built out an extensive motion language, consisting of a wide set of configuration options and toggles, allowing editors & animators to create the right typographical treatment for every job.

Working with the agency, our team devised a workflow for within After Effects and Premiere Pro that straddled the line between custom flexibility & ease-of-use, all while maintaining the established brand design style.

Automation & Versioning

This toolkit was to be used for broadcast & social platforms, requiring adapting over 50 components to 5 different aspect ratios, each with 3 different frame rates – resulting in over 800 separate components to build, QC, and deliver.

In addition to the deep deliverables list, this project came with a (very) tight turnaround – we knew that our typical processes would need to be reworked to achieve our standard of quality.

In lieu of plugging away at the work manually, we developed custom internal software to work efficiently and build out all of the aspect ratio & frame rate variations, as well as set up all of the configuration controls, speeding up the QC process exponentially.