The Brief

A core principle of the Riot Worlds 2022 brand identity is the notion of customization and configurability. Carrying this through into the toolkit, it meant that every component needed to support a diverse range of possibilities.

Each component needed to support one of several event stages (between play-ins, knockouts, groups, and finals), and many required separate controls for generic event colours, vs those of the specific teams playing in any given match, and many components needed to be exportable at a selection of aspect ratios for a variety of output destinations.

The Toolkit

As part of the technical execution, lovatt was required to come up with a very easy-to-use workflow for toggling between the possible configuration options per element.

Due to the large number of outputs, end artists needed quick reference for specifically what sort of asset they were working on at all given times, and for which city the game was to be played in, as Tendril's style guide expressed clear, firm design constraints.

Dynamic Text

On a practical level, one toolkitting challenge was developing a system for text graphics elements that could not only work in the defined scenarios, but also be flexible enough to allow coverage for unexpected game-day needs.

We built a text engine that would dynamically reflow and scale text to fit the given safe region, while dynamically adding in a text-aware backdrop ribbon while respecting existing design considerations.

riot-worlds-2022-title-flag-layout-1 riot-worlds-2022-title-flag-layout-4