With our friends at Hornet, we built guidelines and a library of toolkit assets to be used on all social and digital experiences.

The main device used in this year's visual language was a wild piece of colorful tape. What we refer to as ‘the ribbon’. The ribbon was designed to simulate the look of processed type, something that felt unwieldy - but under the hood, was built to be flexible and customizable.



The ribbon was the primary component to the toolkit, so it had to be robust.

It was created with the ability to enter customizable text and interchangeable symbols across 6 different silhouettes.



The toolkit also included:

  • In and out transitions for the ribbon,
  • flipping and reversing the trajectory of the type, and
  • loopable animations at any duration.


2021 also came with a fresh palette. Four color schemes across the campaign allowed for numerous variations. 24 variations to be exact! All streamlined within our toolkit.


Special care was taken to ensure the renders were fast and the project was user friendly.